PHIRN: Population Health Improvement Research Network

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1   Link   Public Health Ontario
Public Health Ontario (PHO) is an arm's-length government agency dedicated to protecting and promoting the health of all Ontarians and reducing inequities in health.
2   Link   CHNET-Works!
Hosted by PHIRN (Population Health Improvement Research Network) at the University of Ottawa, CHNET-Works! is an evolving infrastructure, using innovative information technology to help support discussions and actions on pressing community health issues. CHNET-Works! is a networking venue dedicated to bringing together community health professionals from across Canada - linking researchers, decision-makers and practitioners. It is a network of networks.
3   Link   The National Collaborating Centres for Public Health
The six National Collaborating Centres (NCCs) for Public Health promote and improve the use of scientific research and other knowledge to strengthen public health practices and policies in Canada. They identify knowledge gaps, foster networks and translate existing knowledge to produce and exchange relevant, accessible, and evidence-informed products with researchers, practitioners, and policy makers.
4   Link   OHHRRN
The Ontario Health Human Resources Research Network (OHHRRN) is a province-wide network linking health human resource researchers and community decision-makers/partners with the goal of creating and synthesizing high-quality applied health research that addresses complex issues that affect health human resource planning and management.
5   Link   MIP ToolKit
The Multiple Intervention Program Toolkit is an interactive tool to help public health staff and managers strengthen the design and evaluation of multiple intervention programs and also to provide public and community health practitioners with resources to support co-ordinated and resource-effective comprehensive programming.
6   Link   World Health Organization (WHO)
7   Link   Aboriginal Canada Portal
Your single window to First Nations, Métis and Inuit online resources and government programs and services.
8   Link   Globalization and Health Equity Research Unit
The Globalization and Health Equity Research Unit is established within the Institute of Population Health at the University of Ottawa. Our research group examines how contemporary globalization (post 1980) is affecting social determinants of health and the health status of different population groups.
9   Link   The Community Tool Box
The Community Tool Box is a freely available resource for supporting your community change and improvement efforts. Since 1994 we have been helping communities address goals and solve problems in order to become safer, healthier and more just.
10   Link   Marmot Review
11   Link   The Social Determinants of Health and the Role of Local Government
This collection of articles assesses what local government can do to tackle the social conditions that lead to health inequalities. Written by distinguished practitioners and academics, the publication builds on the recent Marmot Review report, 'Fair Society, Healthy Lives'.
12   Link   The Change Foundation
The Change Foundation is an independent health policy think tank that generates research, analysis and informed public discussion to support system integration and quality improvement in home and community care in Ontario. (In English only)
13   Link   The Quebec Population Health Research Network
14   Link   Social Determinants of Health - The Canadian Facts
Improving the health of Canadians requires we think about health and its determinants in a more sophisticated manner than has been the case to date. Social Determinants of Health: The Canadian Facts considers 14 social determinants of health
15   Link   Ottawa Neighbourhood Study
Evidence is mounting that the neighbourhoods and communities in which we live affect both the health and the gap in health between rich and poor. Our aim is to better understand the physical and social pathways through which neighbourhoods in Ottawa affect health.