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ophidThe Ontario Population Health Index of Databases (OPHID) is "live" and available for use

  • It can facilitate, expand and strengthen population health research, policy and decision making by expanding knowledge about available data.
  •  It's free. Give it a try!

Browse the OPHID Database

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What is it?

OPHID is a free database index resource for researchers, students, or anyone working on or with population health issues. It provides an on-line, searchable index of a wide variety of data sources relevant to Ontario (as well as Canada), details about their content, and how to gain access to them.

When is it needed?

When research or research data is needed but you:

  • Don't know if there is data available to meet the need.
  • Are convinced that there is no way to get the data.

What it's not?

A database access portal. We can tell you what's out there and how to access it; you have to take it from there.

What's the objective?

Facilitate, expand and strengthen population health research by maximizing knowledge of the broad range and quantity of social, economic, natural and built environment data resources. Our mission is to be inclusive rather than exclusive, to enable and facilitate population health research by making as much information available as possible.

Want to make OPHID even more useful?

Contribute – recommend a relevant database; we will add as many as you can recommend (they just have to be, at least in part, about Ontario). Give feedback - on the index or the portal.

Who's behind this?

OPHID is a service of the Population Health Improvement Research Network (PHIRN). We were created with funds from the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care to support high-quality applied population health research.  We have partnered with the Ontario Council of University Libraries and Scholars Portal on the technical side in order to create optimal index access and search capabilities.


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