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Peter Tugwell, professor1, Mark Petticrew, chair in public health evaluation2, Elizabeth Kristjansson, associate professor3, Vivian Welch, research coordinator4, Erin Ueffing, coordinator5, Elizabeth Waters, ...
Tuesday, 28 September 2010
2. Global Public Health Vigilance
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Summary Global Public Health Vigilance is the first sociological book to investigate recent changes in how global public health authorities imagine and respond to international threats to human health. ...
Friday, 10 September 2010
3. Event - Sep 14 - Childcare: a tool to fight poverty?
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... a sound social policy for fostering children's health and development and in particular children of poor families? To what extent can they help fight against poverty and marginalization? Cafés Scientifiques ...
Tuesday, 24 August 2010
Ronald Labonté,Canada Research Chair, Globalization and Health Equity, Institute of Population Health, Professor, Department of Epidemiology and Community Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Ottawa ...
Thursday, 19 August 2010
Caroline Andrew. Louise Bouchard, Ronald Labonté, Vivien Runnels (Editors) Ronald Labonté,Canada Research Chair, Globalization and Health Equity, Institute of Population Health, Professor, Department of ...
Thursday, 19 August 2010
TORONTO, April 28, 2010 – A report released today by York University health researchers offers Canadians the opportunity to learn how their living conditions will determine whether they stay healthy or ...
Monday, 28 June 2010
7. Two million new diabetes cases coming by 2017
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... develop diabetes can help public health officials refine the picture of the diabetes "epidemic" and determine the best prevention strategy. Manuel, who is also a senior scientist at the Ottawa Hospital ...
Thursday, 24 June 2010
8. PHIRN Proposals 2009-2010
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...    Title: Unmet Need in Mental Health Care: Exploring Social Determinants Using Intersectionality Principal Applicant Title(s) Institutional Affiliation Funding Amount Dr. John Cairney ...
Monday, 07 June 2010
... can do to tackle the social conditions that lead to health inequalities. Written by distinguished practitioners and academics, the publication builds on the recent Marmot Review report, 'Fair Society, ...
Friday, 05 March 2010
Proposes new ways to improve everyone's health and reduce inequalities that it describes as 'unfair and unjust'. Professor Sir Michael Marmot University College London - Department of Epidemiology & ...
Tuesday, 16 February 2010
... to impact health and health equity at the population level. This funding opportunity strongly encourages close collaboration between program implementers (e.g. decision-makers and researchers). Only research ...
Thursday, 14 January 2010
12. Call for Proposals
(PHIRN Funding/Archived - English)
Background on PHIRN Call for Proposals The Population Health Improvement Research Network (PHIRN) is funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care to support high-quality health research ...
Sunday, 10 January 2010
Public Health Reports (PHR) is inviting papers for a Supplement on Social Determinants of Health and Data Systems. Deadline for submission: June 1, 2010. The anticipated publication date for the ...
Thursday, 10 December 2009
14. Population Health Interventions Research Program
(PHIRN/Research Programs - English)
Douglas Manuel and Jim Dunn Key Issues How can we most effectively improve the health of Ontarians? How can we mitigate risk among vulnerable populations? What policy levers are most likely ...
Tuesday, 22 September 2009
OTTAWA, September 21, 2009 — Today the University of Ottawa and the Faculty of Health Sciences officially launched three research networks: The Population Health Improvement Research Network (PHIRN) ...
Monday, 17 August 2009
16. Patterns and Pathways of Inequities Research Program
(PHIRN/Research Programs - English)
Ronald Labonté and Carlos Quiñonez Key Issues Health equity as an achievable social goal has gained new policy relevance. Internationally, the WHO Commission on Social Determinants ...
Thursday, 30 July 2009
17. Links
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People # Web Link 1 Ivy Lynn Bourgeault, PhD Professor in the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Ottawa, Scientific Director of PHIRN and the Ontario Health Human Resources ...
Tuesday, 08 December 2009
New Health Calculator  You can calculate your own risk of hospitalization as well as your life expectancy by filling out a short online questionnaire created by Ontario researchers. Visit ...
Thursday, 29 May 2014
The Health Council of Canada released the report Where you live matters: Canadian views on health care quality. The report, based on the 2013 Commonwealth Fund International Health Policy Survey ...
Wednesday, 29 January 2014
Canada’s doctors can address health equity challenges for their patients, says CMA report   by Canadian Medical Association date posted: July 11, 2013 Health equity is created when individuals ...
Friday, 19 July 2013
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